Estd. 3rd April, 1899

Shri. B. B. Patil Granth Prakashan

In the beginning of Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha Means the year 1912 the idea of scripture publication had enriched at the head office of D.B.J.S. at Sangli. Since then the name of the publication committee has been changed in the passage of time. These are as below…

  • Dakshin Maharashtra Jain Sabha trackmala - 1912
  • Dakshin Maharashtra Jain Sabha Granthmala - 1934
  • Shri. B. B. Patil Granth Prakashan

With conferenciers discussion the Granth Prakashan had established. The Editer of ‘Pragati’ & well known writer adv. B.B.Patil has wrote & published many books. His work had flourished the name of Granth Prakashan Mandal. The Hirstory of Jain religion were the subjects of these publications.

Honorable Shri Babgonda Bhujgonda Patil’s work in the field of industrial, social, Educational & Cultural has memorable. His devotion on the ‘Sabha’ was enthusiastic. His service as Minister, Chairman, Editor and writer is precious. That’s why he was honored by Dr. Karmveer B. Patil during his 67th birth anniversary. In 1955 he passed away. Dur to his service he was honoured by ‘Sabha’ to giving his name to the ‘Granth Prakashan’.

Features of ‘Granth Prakashan’:

To make aware to non-Jain people about Jain religion Jainism and history of Jain and motivate them to give up their Notions misunderstanding about Jainism and make aware the highness of the religion. Jain people also understand the importance of their heredity and be active in the movements.

  • To publish historical & religious small books in Marathi as well as other languages.
  • For the publicity of books & religion the prices of the books should be minimize.
  • To Donate the books to the school & colleges and canvassing the Jainism.

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