Estd. 3rd April, 1899

Shrimatibai Kalantre Jain Mahilashram, Sangli

Smt. Shrimatibai Kalantre (Akka) unfortunately became widow in child age, but she did not loose her courage. She received her education at Pune where she was resident of hostel. It was started in 1918 at pune under the guidance of Mr. Adhiraj Upadhye and Mrs. Godubai Upadhye. Smt. Kalantre (Akka) felt the need of (shravikashram) mahilashram for the welfare of the unfortunate women such as widow, divorced, abandoned, orphaned, etc. She got this inspiration from women’s hostel, Pune. In Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha’s annual conference of 1922, she presented and explained the importance of starting of hostel for women (girl students) at Sangli. Even she gave consent to shoulder the responsibility of running this women’s boarding. Smt. Shamabai Moruse and smt. Kokil supported her. Consequently this women’s Boarding (shravikashram) was started in rented building at Sangli by D.B. jain Sabha on 9th April 1922. Smt. Kalanre (Akka) gave proper direction to this “Jain Mahilashram, Sangli” She gave importance to women’s education and so education wing was also established by her. The first five students passed vernacular final in 1926. Hereafter the strength of students went on growing and therefore it became necessary to have a separate spacious owned building for Mahailashram. Accordingly the present building of Mahilashram situated in Mahaveernagar Sangli was bought by her.

Today his house consists of 23 rooms having the strength of 90 girl students. Cultural hall, temple, dining hall etc. are also available in this building.

This Mahilashram became an educational Cultural and Sanskar centre for needy girl students and women. The number of girl-students and women wene benefited from this Mahilashram. This mahilashram (shravikashram) inculcates virtues in girl-students from which it helps them to become self supported women.

Smt. Kalantre (Akka) left for Mumbai in 1959 and then the number of active women succeeded her. But however taking in to account the valuable leading contribution of smt. Kalantre (Akka) for this Mahilashrm, Sabha took decision to name this hostel after her name as “Shrimatibai Kalantre Jain Mahilashram (Shravikashram)” and finally on 2nd January 1986 the naming ceremony took place at the auspicious hands of the then governor of Rajasthan, Shri. Vasantdada Patil in Presence of Ex. MLA smt. Kalantre (Akka.)


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