Estd. 3rd April, 1899

Jain Shravikashram, Kolhapur

To make effort to empower women is the primary motto of Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha since its inception and therefore, it has given strong support to women education. To educate women and secure the lives of orphans and widowed women Sabha startd Shravikashram at Kolhapur on 31st January 1908 under the leadership of the then Mahila mahamantri Pandita Maganbai Jain. Because of poor response to women education in those days this Ashram was closed in 1911. But once again with new zeal and inspiration Shravikashram was reopened in 1923 under the able leadership of smt. Shyamabai Moruse in rented building. As a result of sincere efforts of smt. Moruse and other workers, the day came to have an independent owned building for Shravikashram. Fortunately Sabha achieved success in having two plots (no.72&73) in Laxmipuri from kind hearted His Highness Chh. Rajaram Maharaj of Kolhapur for Shravikashram. The construction of building was started on 27th March 1933 and completed before 16th August 1934. Actual shifting of Shravikashram from rented building to owned building took place on 16th August 1934. Upto 1960 smt. Shyamabai Moruse shouldered the full responsibility of Shravikashram. In 1966 Dr. Vijayalaxmi Pangal Joined Shravikashram as a Residential Rector. In 1974 it became inevitable to expand accommodation for increasing number of women entrants and therefore authorities of the Sabha took decision to construct three storeyed building for Shravikashram. As per decision, construction of this building was completed and inaugurated by the auspicious hands of kusumchand Motichand shaha for which shrimanti Kalanre Akka was on the chair of President. Late Dnyanmati Latthe, Smt. Shyamabai Moruse, Dr. Vijayalaxmi Pangal, Late Putalabai Patane, Smt. Tanibai Vardhamane, Mrs. Kanchan Kapase and other eminent personalities led Shravikashram under the able guidance of the authorities of Sabha and developed it in a nice maner. The Shravikashram has been conducting personality development activities since beginning so as to inculcate good qualities among the women inmates and empower them for their all-round development. This continuous process of development is supporting inmate women for cultural and spiritual enrichment. “Earn and Learn scheme” has also been implemented in Shravikashram for self-help of women.

The special feature of this Shravikashram is that, the women students of other caste or religions are also admitted to Shravikasham and given them equal opportunity in all respects. The only condition is that they should follow rules and regulations applicable for jain women inmates. Prior to 10th March 1996 the financial management of this Shravikashram was in the hands of the authorities of the Digamber Jain Boarding, Kolhapur but after 10th March 1996 it came forward as an independent branch of Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha. This unit has been conducting important activities like Prayer, mess for all inmates, Various Competitions, Career guidance; get-together, study-room, etc. for the well-being of the inmates. Jain Shravikashram is taking sincere efforts for the empowerment of women, especially for the widow and downtrodden women of the society.


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