Estd. 3rd April, 1899

Digambar Jain Boarding, Ichalkaranji

Digamber Jain Boarding was started on 19th April 1923 at the auspicious hands of His Excellence. Prince of Ichalkaranji, Venkatrao Ghorapade in a big house of Tilavanikar Magdum who headed this boarding house. But however, this boarding house was closed slowly after two to three years of its opening. Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha’s annual conference was held at Ichalkaranji in 1965 where the resolution of reopening of Jain Boarding at Ichalkaranji was passed unanimously. Accordingly, on 4th april 1967 sabha purchased 11 plots near A.S.C. college for this purpose but construction of boarding house didn’t take place for long period. Shri. Raosaheb Manere and Shri. Jivandhar Kole took interest and put efforts in the erection of boarding house by completing construction of 10 roomes by the end of the year 1986. It was inaugurating at the auspicious hands of His Highness Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur. The construction of library hall, temple, cultural hall, dining hall, residence for superintendent, pandit, watchman were also taken up one after one.

Today this boarding house consists of rooms there the students are the residents of this boarding. Hon’ble Ex.M.P. Kallappanna Awade guided committee members saying that this boarding house should not be only a residence house, it should become educational and cultural centre for the students hails from the rural area.

Accordingly, from the year 1999 short and diploma computer courses have been introduced. The number of students are joining these courses. Even pathshala is also run by the boarding house for the spiritual development of the students. The committee of this boarding house in generous enough to admit non-jain students in the boarding. The committee of this boarding house is enthusiastic and planning for the compound wall for the premises of boarding house.


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Digamber Jain Boarding, Ichalkaranji
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