Estd. 3rd April, 1899

Digambar Jain Boarding, Hubli

This boarding was initially started in the premises of the temple of Kaul Bazar of Hubli in 1909. Later, a famous moneylender of Hubli. Shri. Bharamappa Takappa Harapanhalli offered bounty of 30,000 sq. feet land on major station road for construction of Jain Boarding House. After completion of construction of this building the boarding was started in 1910. Hubli being a big city having corporation. It is important commerce and trade Centre of Karnataka state. Hubli is an educational Centre along with twin city Dharwar where different faculties of education are available. Therefore, large number of students attract towards this city for education. The phase wise development took place as number of students increased day by day.

Today this boarding is having 15 rooms and about 32 students are accommodated here. A nice temple, administrative wing, mess, hall etc. are situated in the premises of the boarding. A commercial complex on road side is income source of the boarding house which supports for smooth running of it.

Digamber Jain Boarding Hubli has rich educational and cultural heritage where students like Hon’ble Justice T.K.Tukol and many other eminent personalities were the residents. Taking in to account the present need of additional land for this boarding house, the local committee members have contacted many land owners to buy land. The important feature of this boarding is that the poor, needy, intelligent students are given scholarships and provided concessions in fees of admission, canteen bills etc. Many students have been benefited from such facilities. This boarding house is becoming an important cultural and educational place for the students hail from surrounding villages.


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