Estd. 3rd April, 1899

Veer Seva Dal

Veeracharya Babasaheb Kuchanure
The future of any society is based on the strength of youth. Young men and women can give shape to any society and therefore activities of the youth must be shaped first in a proper way. This thought led to put the concept of “Veer Seva Dal” (Youth Association) for discussion in the Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha’s Conference held at Davangeri (Karnataka) on 26th January 1979. The outcome of this discussion was the establishment of “Veer Seva Dal”.

The word “Veer” was derived from the word “Mahaveer”. Dr. Dhananjay gunde and Dr. N.J. Patil were the founders of this association- “Veer Seva Dal”. In the initial stage they took hard efforts to lay strong and wide foundation for this association. Veeracharya Babasaheb Kuchanure gave real shape to this association. His unselfish thoughts, devotion, constructive contribution to community made youth (between 10 and 30 years age group) to follow him and his thoughts. At present more than ten thousand veer sainiks are under the roof of this association. Veer Seva Dal’s name spread all over India only because of his contributions to the society.

The Vyasanmukti, Shakahar, Rashtriya Ekatmata, Muni Seva are the main constructive activities of Veer Seva Dal.

The Veer Seva Dal runs pathshalas in villages and many other centers in cities through which religious samskaras are inculcated in new generation. Veer Seva Dal runs four Highschools, One I.T.I. and three Credit societies in Kolhapur, Sangli and Belgaum Districts. This association publishes News-bulletin for every month. The youth members of this association take part in religious and social functions all over India as a volunteer. Veer Seva Dal is taking continuous efforts to create and maintain healthy atmosphere in the community. Veer Seva Dal volunteers take part in rescue activities at the time of calamities’, mishappenings in the society. Thus Veer Seva Dal is the movement of Jain Community.

Veer Seva Dal at A Glance :

  • Number of Branches : 175
  • Number of members : 10000
  • Number of Pathshala : 181
  • Number of Students of Pathshala : 6500
  • Number of Vadyapathak : 25
  • Number of Trees planted and maintained : 300000
  • Number of Libraries : 50
  • Number of pooja mahotsava participated and contributed by the voluneeers : 750
  • Number of volunteers participated and contributed to pooja mahostava : 150000
  • Publication of calendar per year : 10000
  • Number of Dharma Sanskar shibir organized one for per year : 34
  • Number of trained camping students : 45000
  • Number of News-bulletin published per month : 1500

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Veer Seva Dal Madyavarti Sameeti
Seth R. D. Dawada Digamber Jain Bording
37, Mahaveernagar,
Sangli 416416.
(0233) 2622803
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