Estd. 3rd April, 1899

Jain Mahila Parishad

Jain Mahila Parishad's Smt. Godutai  Upadhye

Dakshin Bharat Jain Mahila Parishad was established on 3rd April 1899 at Stavanidhi on the same day of establishment of Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha. Smt. Godutai Upadhye put thought of spread of women-education in the form of Resolution in conference that which became the main aim of the establishment of Mahila Parishad in the fold of Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha before 114 years.

Mahila Parishad is trying to make women self – reliant.

In the initial stage respected smt. Kankubai, Pandita Maganbai, Lalitabai put hard efforts to lay proper and strong foundation for this parishad. With the valuable contributions unselfish and devoted workers like sou. Dnyanmatibai Latthe, Shrimatibai kokil, Shrimatibai Kalantre (akka), Sumatibai Shaha, Sulochana Bhokare.

Organization's Activities :

Taking in to account changing needs of the society in general and women in particular Mahila Parishad is extending its area of activities.

  • Gymnasium for health care of women
  • Padyatras for awakening of the women (about ill practices Prevalent in the society)
  • Organization of bride-bridegroom gatherings to overcome the difficulties of the settlement of marriages
  • Distributions of some domestic commodities for women to help working women
  • Vocational guidance camps
  • Free legal aid for needy women

Organization's Main AIM :

  • Spread of women-education
  • Growth of religious activities
  • Propaganda against unwanted traditions
  • Organise lectures and Seminars
  • Social awakening in the society

Mahila Parishad looks for all-round development of women of the Community. The main vision of this Mahila Parishad is to become a centre of “Global women” of the 21st century.

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